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Company Roots
Alli was founded by Mr. ACM Riluwan in 1961. The late Mr. Riluwan and his wife, Mrs. MSS Zaneera, formed the company from a room in their household in Pasyala. They decided to manufacture beedi ( a tobacco based product) and cigars as these were the only viable options with the resources made available to them. Initially, the establishment held 20 employees, all engaged in the production of beedi and cigars. By 1985, Alli was a limited liability entity. During which time this landmark was achieved, Alli had diversified its product range from strictly tobacco to food based products.

Currently, Alli markets over 40 different types of food products across the nation. One of the major achievements of Alli was the acquisition of the SLS (Sri Lankan Standards) certification for Alli Jams and Cordials. The company has a wide distribution network across the island and has established strong links with local dealers.

Mr. MRM Musadique, the Chairman and Managing Director at present, took over operations in 1988. Under his leadership and guidance, the company has emerged from a small manufacturing plant into a well established, fully fledged food manufacturer. During his tenure, he expanded the product range offered by the company steadily. Currently Alli is responsible for the production and distribution of over 40 different commodities.

Chairman and Managing Directors Review

Alli has developed into a household name in the food industry over the years it has been operating. Based on the number of players in the food industry, this has not been an easy feat. However, with the number of players increasing in the market, we at Alli have been constantly striving to improve our standards and efficiency to gain that all important competitive edge over our competitors. This aside, we base our products around one concept, quality. Products produced by our establishment would never undermine the quality or the integrity of a product as a cost cutting measure. This way of thinking has served us well for over fifty years, and over thirty years in the food industry.

With the global economic crisis widening its reach to our shores, we realize the need for more essential items for the ‘common’ consumer. With the tastes and buying patterns of the consumer ever changing, Alli has introduced two key essential commodities into the market being lentils and oried. We at Alli feel we need to provide a service to the community by making these products available under our range.

One other vital component of the Alli way of thinking is how we place a great deal of importance on having our production components strictly local. With this in mind, all raw materials purchased, employment opportunities, and sub contractors are kept well within Sri Lanka. We believe we owe it to our great nation and people who have given us so much over the years, helping us establish and making us who we are today.

The Sales Team
We are one of only a few companies that handles, both, manufacturing and distribution. We have a dedicated sales team that ensures the public of Sri Lanka has access to all of our products. We have a wide distribution network spanning across the island, reaching most parts. With the opening of the A9 motorway, we are looking to make inroads into the northern parts of our island, places we weren’t able to reach before, further widening our distribution network.

Our sales team are well versed with all of the products we are currently manufacturing and can provide assistance to anyone who has queries about us. We at Alli maintain a high standard of customer relations and therefore recruitment of our sales representatives is a vigorous and lengthy process. This process is done due to the importance we place at the point of sale. We currently employ twenty sales representatives with a wide mix of youth and experience. Overlooking these employees are our well experienced sales supervisors. The nucleus of our establishment is the sales team, therefore we place a great importance on our sales team.

Advertising and Promotions
Being a household name in the industry for over fifty years, Alli has a well established name across the nation. Adding to this, we advertise on media outlets such as on television, radio, and hoardings across the island. As a result the public of Sri Lanka are well informed about our establishment.

We recently started sales promotions with our propaganda vehicle. This vehicle is well equipped
to prepare our noodles, thosai mix, papadams and cordials. Starting from 2008, we have undertaken numerous promotions held at supermarkets and public events. During these promotions we hand out samples of our products prepared fresh from the vehicle. As well as sampling, we have a number of promotions offering great discounts at supermarkets. We are available at all leading supermarkets across the nation.

Alli has designated a special operations wing focusing on promotional activities. Our team of promoters have enabled us to successfully enter mainstream markets as well as niche markets that were previously unattainable.

With fifty years of experience in the food industry, Alli has invested tremendous amounts of time
and man power towards improving its quality and efficiency. This has enabled Alli to widen its reach to international markets and compete with international brands. Currently, Alli exports to fifteen international markets :
• Australia • Canada • Germany • Japan • Jordan • Kuwait • Lebanon • Maldives
• Norway • Saudi Arabia • South Korea • Switzerland
• United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States of America

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