Production Proces


The process of manufacturing Pappadams goes back decades. Starting off as a cottage industry, many local housewives were involved in the manufacture of this product. Due to high demand for these delectable crisps many went into mass production. However, what many didn't realize was that this process cannot be automated as the integrity of the Pappadam is affected without the touch of a human hand. All of our papadams are individually handcrafted by our expert papadam makers. 


Alli is the only locally owned company that is involved in the production of instant noodles. Alli is, also, only one of three companies in the country to produce this particular variety of noodle. With over fifteen years of production experience in this field, Alli has perfected a well oiled line of production at its noodles plant. This ensures that the end product is of the highest quality all down to the rigid production and quality control processes. 

Cordials, Sauces and Jams:

The whole range of cordials, sauces and jams bear the SLS mark indicating that all of the products rolled out from this section adhere to the highest quality standards. We at, Alli, make it a point to source all ingredients locally in turn benefiting local farmers. We use the freshest ingredients and fruits that are in season thereby giving the consumer a wide variety of tastes to suit each individual palate. Firstly, the fruits are made into a pulp and then juiced for Jams and Cordials. All machinery and production tools are sanitized daily so that no cross contamination occurs. All the steps in production have a quality check in place to ensure a product of the highest quality reaches our consumers.